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Working together with the EFNEP program in our county has been a great experience. The EFNEP educator provided a series of nutrition classes to the mothers and pregnant women. The classes were very interactive and the educator was well prepared. When I visited with most of the women who participated in the nutrition classes, I noticed that they made changes in a positive, healthy style.
– Representative from a rural Colorado agency for low-income families

The information EFNEP provides related to nutrition, budgeting and exercise is very valuable to my clients. I appreciate everything EFNEP has done with the workshop and the way it effectively communicates with the population that it serves.
– Case worker in Pueblo County

Many of our clients are also parents and they feel that EFNEP has helped them eat healthier and become better parents. We are grateful for the program and the opportunity it provides to our clients.
– Representative from an agency in El Paso County

EFNEP has been providing the nutrition class for our program for many years. The EFNEP educator has a good working relationship with the clients we serve because of her compassion and expertise. We are thankful for such a professional person who demonstrates great knowledge in the field of nutrition.
– Supervisor at an agency in Pueblo County

Many of the families have commented on how friendly and inviting [the EFNEP educators] are and on how helpful the information they provide is… I believe that the nutrition education program is a very beneficial program in helping our families learn to eat healthy and save money…
– Assistant/Program Director at an education site in Weld County

The Food and Nutrition Program is improving the health and self esteem of the women, and this will make a difference in the community as the women live healthier lives and make wise choices for themselves and their families.
– Pastor at an education site in Pueblo County

I had a session with a mom that I see periodically to help discuss continued changes since her daughters are overweight. I had referred her to EFNEP a while back as she was interested. She reported today that she has learned how to make fruit salads and homemade granola bars through the class. As a result, she does prepare fruit salads for the family now and makes the homemade granola bars occasionally. I reiterated to her to make the granola when she can instead of buying them at the store, especially because of less sugar and added ingredients and eating whole foods when homemade. I am not sure if some of her other changes are also attributed to the class, but she has also started offering more fresh fruit versus juice, avoids oils and butters, and uses cooking spray and baking versus frying.
– Supervisor of an agency in Eagle County