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I had the opportunity to work with a group of 4-H kids from the inner city. They learned basic nutrition and plenty of ways to move their bodies. They all responded to me positively and were disappointed when the class was over.
– Educator from Denver County

I work with our local public school students. In the milk lessons we talk about strong bones and teeth. Some students were unaware of what dental floss is, and some said their parents cannot afford it. Since then I have received donations from local dentists, and now when I do the milk lessons I show the children how to properly brush and floss.
– Educator from Pueblo County

On a recent home visit, I had her clean the sink with a sponge. I noticed a large tray filled with fresh fruit and vegetables in front of the sink. Next to the tray was our EFNEP veggie brush. I asked her the following week how often she serves veggies and fruit to her family (I wanted to know why she had the veggie brush out). She was quick to say that she keeps the brush out that way everyone in her family knows they have to wash their food before they eat it “even an apple”. She said her daughter helps her wash the fruits and veggies for dinner and even went to school and asked her teacher if she washes her food!

In working with a group of kindergartner’s during our first class we talked about eating a variety of foods and about how important it is to try new things because if we have never tried them before we just might like them. As the food tasting for that class we had a trail mix. At the next class the teacher pulled me aside and said that the next day a student who had snack duty had brought a similar trail mix but had added some more dried fruits. One of the other students said “I don’t like this”. When asked if he had tried this fruit before he said “no” and the other student reminded with “remember we need to try new things because we might like them.”

In working with the public school students. When teaching the milk lessons we talk about strong bones and teeth. I came across some students who were unaware what dental floss is! Some stated that their parents are unable to afford floss so I mailed formal letters and wrote to Colgate Company and asked for donations. I was very fortunate and received some donations from our local dentists. Now when I do the milk lessons I show the children how to properly brush and floss.