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I learned how to break down the nutritional facts label. I also learned not to buy supplements (pills) for vitamins, just take the extra money and buy more fruit and vegetables. It was a nice class.
– Participant from El Paso County

I wasn’t too excited when I first started this class, but after attending it, it really gave me an eye opener.
– Participant in Weld County

[Eating Smart • Being Active] has helped me make a difference in my life by the way I eat. I’m pregnant with my first child. It’s important now more than ever for me to make eating right a lifestyle.
– Participant from El Paso County

The students in an ESL program enjoyed trying the different kinds of food and learning more about measurement, reading food labels, and exercising as part of an active, healthy lifestyle. Many students stated that they planned to use the recipe booklet and were surprised to learn how much salt and fat some processed food contains. Students overwhelmingly enjoyed the presentation.

My mother just found out she has high cholesterol and blood pressure as well as diabetes. We had no idea how to make a drastic change in diet. The educator explained every aspect of the 4 food groups in extreme detail as well as what they do, how the work and why they are good for us. I learned many recipes and a new way to look at food.

I’m pregnant with my first child. It’s important now more than ever for me to make eating right a life style. The changes that I’ve made since taking this class are: A) fruits and/or vegetables with every meal. B) Plan your meals before you shop. Take coupons and read nutrition facts. C) How many ounces and servings of each food group you need at every meal. D) Ho to keep food safe. E) Eat fresh fruits/vegetables right away. F) Stay active. Be responsible for your health.

I attend the classes for pregnancy women. I learned a lot, how to eat healthy, and also how to care for your newborn. I had my baby and I recommend these classes to anyone who is expecting.

I have learned so much. I’m surprised I have always considered myself a very smart shopper, but I wasn’t even half as smart as I thought. I had to “Make a Change”. I try not to go to fast foods, because of the fat. No soft drinks at all. I learned how to cook my meats. I read my nutrition fact (labels) on everything I buy, I compare a lot now. I’m diabetic and have 4 kids so this has helped my kids and I so much. Wow! Anything that can help my family to eat healthy and feel better is the best.

Thank you for the handouts you provided. I was looking at the recipe book last night, and I noticed that all the recipes are healthy and cost effective; as an added bonus, most of them do not contain mea. The reason I like that is that my wife is a vegetarian. So while I teach my stepson to cook with simple recipes like the ones in the book, I will have things that are appropriate for a 3-year old to participate in preparing, and a finished result that the whole family can consume, and are good for us.

My favorite class was the fats it is where I learned the most. I think most people don’t know what are good fats for them to have so this one helped me out the most.

After attending only 7 classes, I had learned enough about nutrition and healthy eating that I was able to write my final exam for English. I wrote about the amount of sugar most people consume daily, why it is bad, and substitutes for the sugary snacks we consume. I also wrote about why it is so important for younger adults and teens to get plenty of calcium, and easy ways to get it. I have enough knowledge now that I will be able to teach my daughter good eating habits right from her first meal.

Jog after work when I get a chance or get off earlier.

Started lifting weights again-but hard to complete a whole routine; focusing on different areas instead, fitting in 2 or 3 min.

Put whole wheat pasta on my shopping list (have coupon!)

Stopped drinking as much coffee or pre-sugared creamer with it.

Taking long steps-using my glutes when I walk.

WILL buy different milk next shopping trip 2%

Thank you for the opportunity to relearn some key nutritional concepts! It’s really made a different in my family. Last week’s lesson about whole grains really impacted me. Since then, we have adjusted many of our meals and snacks to include more whole grains and less processed foods! I’m excited about working more fruits and vegetables into each meal.

I would like to thank you for the opportunity you gave me to learn how to feed my children in a better, healthy way. My children have shown more interest in what we eat and buy and have also made a habit of reading nutrition fact labels. The class taught me to plan meals with my family and more importantly, we are making healthy choices.